Alaska Cruise-- The Norwegian Spirit


The Norwegian Spirit

Meet at the Edgewater

George and Kathleen

The New Mexicans: Ralph, Lee Ann, Brent, George and Kathleen

John the driver

John and Brent

Mt. Rainier from the ship

Mt. Rainier

Leaving Seattle

On the windy deck

The real Norwegian spirit

Brent in cruise mode


Wine to go

The pool and jacuzzis

Kiddie pool

Small town outside of Seattle

The Bier Garten

Ralph and Debi

George at the helm


Checking out the itinerary


Debi does the NRA

Lee Ann at the helm

First evening out


Another island town

Cool spread


Cruising in the Galaxy of the Stars

brent and Sam hit the arcade

They look so serious

Fishing boat

A small fishing village


Galaxy, Galaxy, Bundt, Bundt, Bundt

Yes, she was born with that hair


A new animal every night

Nearing Sawyer Glacier between Juneau and Skagway

Glacier carvered mountains

Solid stone mountains on both sides of the ship

More glacial carvings

A glacial valley

Amazing cliffs

First ice

Large chink of glacial ice

Another glacial cut valley

A hanging glacier

Cool formation

It was pretty cool and wet

Another spectacular cliff wall

Another hanging glacier

Classic U-shaped glacial valley

Glacial ice

More ice


Another hanging glacier

A tour boat

Sawyer Glacier in the distance

A portion of Sawyer Glacier

Cool island

Glacier coming down from the ice field


Sawyer Glacier

Closer view

brent and Ralph at Sawyer Glacier

Brent and Bruce

Bruce and Ralph


Group of small islands

Cruising in the Galaxy

The hostess with the mostess



Neighbor kid

The cruisers

Ms. Norwegian Spirit 2005