Boulder Creek/Myer Valley-- February 15, 2003

Opening climb

I can't believe that Bruce talked me into this...

Scott at the Dino Jaws


Not a deer...but a Joshua tree

From whence we came...

...and the road ahead

Neighboring landscapes

More boulders

The trail to Myer Valley

Typical hillside

The hikers: Scott, Patti, Dave, Kristi, and Romo

The trail

Cacti Hill

A Closer look

Mountains in Mexico

The trail

Myer Valley

Into the valley

Living on the DG

Road to America

Looking for Boulder Creek

Aliens in the distance...

...just balloons

Small barrel

Boulder Hill

Ahead to Boulder Creek

"Are you American citizens?" (Si senor!)

Heading into Boulder Creek

More bouldering

Rock Palm

Photo for Romo

Dave is thinking about the beer in the truck

Two sage-like smells

Palms in the grove

Wedding ring in bush?

The boulder is conquered

Lounging at the grove

Puzzle Piece Hill

One of many illegal alien hideouts

Typical view

Where did this come from?

Negotiating Boulder Creek

Rebar madness