Trip to Belgrade -- December 7 - 13, 2002

Amsterdam Airport


Kobus holding Lew up

The Heineken kicks in

Strange spinning advertisement

Tuesday morning in Belgrade, outside hotel window

Thursday morning, much clearer

Tuesday's lunch at Police Recreation Facility

Lew loves his international phone

More food

Outside the dining room

Wednesday's presentation

Sizable crowd

Back at the Colonel's office

Wednesday's lunch on the Mozart boat on the Sava River

Still going into the night

View across the river

Awaiting the Americans on Thursday afternoon

After lunch picture

Lew and the Colonel

Kobus, Tanya (interpreter) and the Colonel

The whole crew

Near the hotel Metropol

Hotel entrance, with our car

Kobus and Milan

Park outside Geomatics office


Sava River

Dragan (the driver), Alexander, and Kobus

Old Fort / Castle

Boats as restaurants and clubs on the Sava

Our Wednesday lunch room

Friday lunch traffic

More traffic

Stop light countdown

Lunch in a downtown restaurant

The Hotel Metropol lobby, checking out